Effective Date: March 15, 2024

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing First Wok and using our website  We always strive to provide the best quality food and service to our customers. If you are unsatisfied however, we offer out our sincere apologies and invite you to review our refund and returns policy.

Refund Eligiblity

All products and services sold at First Wok and on their website are food items. Perishable items are not returnable, but we understand that some customers may have an unsatisfactory experience; therefore, all perishable items sold at First Wok will have a 24 hour return window. All though items are not returnable, to assist you further in the full refund, we advise the customer to try to bring something back for legitimacy and so we can diagnose the issue.  


When your product falls short of expectations, or when the mistake was made on our end; we will almost always offer an exchange. Whether your food was undercooked, overcooked, missing ingredients or contains unwanted ingredients, when specified; we understand your frustration and work quickly to make the exchange for you. Exchanges are our first option and if you are still unsatisfied, we can work on the next solution. 

In Store Credit

If in case our customers do not want an exchange we will provide in store credit for the product in question. As stated before, there is a 24 hour return window. When store credit is received, it never expires until the customer uses their credit.

Full Refund

If all else fails and the customer is still unsatisfied, we will proceed to our final step of our refund policy and issue the customer a full refund to their payment method. Please note, if you paid with a card, we would need the card number to process your refund. Full refunds will include all applicable taxes and fees. If cash was used for payment, then the refund will be in cash. 

Exempted Goods

Gift Cards are not returnable.

Late or Missing Refunds

Cash refunds will be completed in person and received immediately. Credit card refunds may take up to 3-5 business days depending on your bank. If after 5 business days you still have not received a refund on your credit card statement, please contact us at our store phone number (609-716-8323). Thank you for choosing First Wok Chinese Restaurant.

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Take-out Menu

Chinese Menu

Chef Suggestions


Take-out Menu







Vegetables (No Meat)

Chow Mein

Moo Shu (w. 4 Pancakes, Extra .40 Each) (Rice Not Included)


Fried Rice

For "Weight Watchers" & Gluten Free

Thai Food Special (Spicy)

Lunch Specials

Monday-Friday 11:30am-3:00pm


All Served with Rice and a Soup or Side

Rice Options


White Rice

Brown Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

Soup Options


Egg Drop Soup

Wonton Soup

Hot & Sour Soup

Wonton Egg Drop Mixed

Side Options


Egg Roll

Spring Roll

Vegetable Roll

Chinese Menu


汤类 (Soup)

凉菜类 (Cold Dishes)

海鲜 (Seafood)

蔬菜类 (Vegetables)

鸡鸭类 (Poultry)

猪肉类 (Pork)

牛羊类 (Beef & Lamb)

饭面类 (Rice & Noodles)

鱼类 (Fish)

煲类 (Casserole)